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With ever increasing population in India, population of kids is also increasing and that’s why it becomes all the more important to provide tiny tots with the quality education and joyful learning. Referring to Play School Delhi, India, this page takes you to the planet of little ones. This ride is to one of the ideal Preschool Delhi, India which is Little Planet Preschool, a planet where children love to share, learn to learn, play with joy and imbibe the values of togetherness, honesty, trust, diligence, compassion and integrity.

Little Planet Preschool Delhi, India is the best option for your child because it integrates toddlers’ desires, parents’ expectations, and the very aim of education leading to a balanced all round development of your angels. In pursuit of excellence, it is believed that each of the kid has a lot of potential and talents, one just need to unleash and hone the same with care, love and proper guidance. With this maxim, Little Planet Preschool Delhi, India strives to deliver the best, in an all-inclusive happy environment where tiny tots learn to grow with a positive outlook.


Little Planet undoubtedly endeavors to provide the best practices among many alternatives in Preschool Delhi, India. In the process of providing initial education to your ward in his/ her formative years of development, it stands firm as one of the ideal Preschool Delhi, India and crisply presents its ethos through its byline –

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The Preschool stands by its conviction by imparting the heritage of ancient wisdom synchronized with latest technology meeting the early education of international standards. The satisfaction which parents and staff derive after molding the kids’ behavior into a positive one is inexpressible and overwhelming. It stands as a testimony to our vision resting on the positive trust of all.