5 Fundamental Qualities which every child should have

1.     Honesty: Realize your child that his/her honesty is important for you. Create an environment for your child where there are no secrets, fear and they feel comfortable being truthful. Let them know that their honesty matters for you rather than on the punishment for their lying.


2.     Love:  Love your child with affection and care. Don’t let a day pass without expressing your love for your child himself. Having meal together, give surprises, playing games, give a hug for no reason, these activities make a strong bond between you and your child.


3.     Responsibility: To prepare your children for the real world, it is important to make them responsible. A sense of responsibility helps a child being more serious towards his life and his career. Realize your child that they should also engage in some work and complete the task on time.


4.      Patience: If you are expecting that your child behaves patiently then, you have to learn keep calm and have patience. Children don't have the same sense of time that we do, which makes it even harder for them to be patient. Help them by marking time in ways other than minutes and hours


5.     Empathy:  Empathy is an important key to the development of a person's social ability. Even an infant shows empathy. But there's a lot you can do to help a child develop empathy. Instead of explaining your child how their actions affect others, explain them the consequence of that action affect others and themselves too. Develop the feeling of sharing, mutual respect, and love.