Different Kind of School Franchises

Franchising is a business model wherein different owners share a single brand name. The parent company, known as the franchisor, provides support to the franchisee, allows it to use its trademark & business strategies and in return franchisee pays a fee based on revenues.

Franchising, educational institutes like preschools, secondary schools, learning centre etc. are increasing their presence in everywhere. Those who want to enter into the education industry are opting the franchise strategy. Franchise business is not only beneficial to a franchisee but to a franchisor as well. A franchisor expands its brand name by providing franchises while a franchisee runs its business with minimum risks by purchasing a franchise. If you too want to start your own school, then opting school franchise is the appropriate option for you. However, it is essential to decide on the type of school franchise that you wish to buy and then look for a correct franchisor.

Here are the various types of school franchises available. You may opt for:



Secondary school

Senior Secondary school

Once you have decided the type of school franchise, you have to do the following steps, like;

Fill the franchise application form and submit it to the franchisor, pay the requisite fee and get recognition under its name.

Once you have signed the agreement, the franchisor will help you to search a right location for your school.

Further, the franchisor will help you to determine the area of land. Before starting the construction of your building you have to get the NOC from State Government.

When the school building is ready, then arrange all necessary facilities including furniture and fixtures, adequate water supply and electricity.

Get your school affiliated to a recognised board and recruit experienced teaching & non-teaching staff for your school.

Finally, start the promotional work for your school with the help of the franchisor. As the franchisor will provide you with the marketing material and will also help you to organise marketing campaigns.

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