Family - Fun together Live together

“Family” is not just a word but it includes all the relationships. Yes, when we hear FAMILY we feel comfortable, relax. Family is a bond that holds all the members together with the love, happiness and comfort. This bond requires time, every second, minute that you spend with your loved ones, connects you with them. It is the family where we learn the value of love, understanding, beliefs, cultures, moral values, traditions and every little issue that concerns us and the society we live in.

Elders/ Grandparents can share their experiences and history with the kids. Talk about your interesting events and incidents with the kids. Children feel loved, protected and adored in their home. Children who are protected and nurtured by their parents hardly have a chance of developing problematical behavior and develop to be mature and honorable adults. Children should be instructed to support and love their family members and siblings and respect to elders. Children should also be taught to take responsibility and take initiatives in family gatherings, household chores etc.

As parents, it is your responsibility to give importance to family gatherings and events. When your child notices that you give more importance to family gatherings, your child will also learn to give importance to family. Children learn from parents or other family members how should respect each other. Remembering birthdays/anniversary or special events dates of each family member will make your children realize the importance of doing such small things for each other and it increases happiness and love among them.

Children should be aware with customs, traditions and rituals. It helps a child to understand the customs and traditions.

A Family is the First Learning centre for a child where a child learns basic moral values, etiquettes. Little Planet Preschool, Prashant vihar   is another learning centre for kid where your child loves to learn with happiness.