Happy Teacher’s day

Today is 5th of September and we celebrate this day as Teacher’s day every year with enthusiasm.  We would like to thank our teacher for nourishing our life and guide us to establish our career. Actually Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is born on 5th September, who was a great philosopher and teacher. He was the second President of Indian republic. This day is celebrated to pay respect to all the teachers. Students participate in the cultural programs, speech and other activities in order to make this day special and memorable. Some students celebrate this day by presenting their favorite teachers flower, teacher’s day cards, gifts, messages etc to show their love, respect and to admire them. Teachers are back bone of our society. They play an important role in building up the character of student and shape or guide them to become an ideal citizen. Teachers are like a potter who not only give our life a shape but also removes the darkness of illiteracy.

Teachers teach students lovingly and sincerely. They are always concerned about their future. Parents give birth to a child whereas teachers shape their character and make their future bright. They time to time guide us. Thus we should never forget and ignore their selfless love. We should always respect them. Our teachers are responsible for making our future bright and successful. They teach us the importance of education in our life and how should be our perspective towards life. Teachers are the source of encouragement to us which help us to go ahead and get success. They motivate us, punish us, love us, understand us and guide us. They prepare us strong for any obstacle throughout the life. Through their immense knowledge and wisdom they nourish our lives.

Let us pledge to respect and obey our teacher and we will try to be an ideal teacher in someone other child’s life.

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