How to boost confidence in child

Confidence is the key of a child’s success. Thinking about a time when you were feeling really good about yourself. You probably found it much easier to get along with others and feel good about them. Try these tips and advice to raise confidence in your child:


1.          Believe Your Compliments

             Encouragement is necessary for the better performance of all age group. Young kids need plenty                of encouragement, whether they're learning, playing and busy in another activity. Praise your child if    He/She is doing something artistic.


2.         Don't Rescue your Child

            It's important for young child to have the chance to play and take risks without feeling that their parents will criticize or correct them for doing something wrong.


3.         Let Them Make Decisions of their Own

            When your child gets the opportunity to make choices from the starting age, they enjoy the benefit of gaining confidence in their own judgment. Of course, kids love to run the show, but having too much control can be irresistible; it's better to give your child two or three options to choose from.


4.        Focus on Positive aspect

           If your child feels disappointment, help them to be more optimistic. Encourage them to look the   situations of life in a new way and in a positive way.


6.        Nurture His Special Interests

           Try to explore your child with new and wide variety of activities or ideas, and encourage them to find something which they love and enjoy. Kids who have a passion -- whether it is anything – have a feeling of expertise and are more likely to be perfect in their life.


7.       Promote Problem Solving

          Kids are confident when they're able to negotiate getting what they want. A young child can learn how to solve problems them self. The key is to bite your tongue. If your child comes to you and complains that a kid took their toy at the playground, then what would be a good way to get it back?


8.       Look for Ways to Help Others

         It's good for kids to have their own household responsibilities. Try to motivate your child to help others and encourage them with short stories of how helping others affect the life and increases confidence.


9.      Find Opportunities for them to Spend More Time with Adults

        Kids like to hang out with their friends, but it's also important for them to be around with elders too. Spending time with older people or elders helps your child to understand maturely, forces her to talk to adults besides you, and gives her different ways of thinking.

10.   Imagine about the Future

        If kids can imagine themselves doing something important or fulfilling when they grow up, they're bound to feel more confident. Talk to your child and motivate to choose the best in their life.