How to Bring Out Your Child's Best

1. Let your child learn their own interests. Pay attention those activities which they choose.

2.  Let the children to show their latent talents by exploring themselves.

3.  Allow your child to make mistakes.  If she/he has to do things perfectly, they'll never take the risks. 

4.  Don't force your child for anything or Have high expectations on them.

5.  Have materials around the home so that he/she will stimulate their senses. Don't limit your child with labels.

6. Keep your own passion for learning alive.  Your child will be influenced by you.

7. Play games together. Spend some good quality time with them for reading, listening to music, travelling, talking and sharing each other.

8. Allow and encourage your child to participate in community activities or society cultural functions to make their interest.

9. Don't criticize or judge the things your child does. They may give up on their talents if they feel evaluated. Love them.

10. Talk about or Share good things that happened throughout the day to enhance self-esteem.

11. Give your child a special space at home to be creative and artistic.

12. Appreciate your child's sense of responsibility at home when they complete the assigned chores.

13. Avoid comparing your child to others. You can help your child by comparing themselves to their own past performance.

14. To enhance their creativity you can go for family trips or picnic. Take them to the library, museums, concerts, Zoo.

15. Give them gifts that nourish your child's strengths.

16. The first learning place is your own home. So, use household items like fruits, vegetables, computer or furniture for teaching them. Kitchen is great for teaching math and science through cooking.

17. Encourage your child to read.

18. Give your child choices.  It builds willpower and fuels initiative.

19. Accept your child as he or she is. Don’t try to make them someone other. Believe in them and encourage them to be confident.

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