How to take care of your child in winters

When temperatures go down, children need extra attention to stay warm and healthy. As we spend more time inside the house through winters it also causes so many diseases like; cold, cough, fever, dry skin etc. Here are some tips to protect your child when the temperature goes down:

Make sure that your child put several layers of clothing and their head, neck, hands and foot are covered with woolen caps, gloves, scarves and socks. Dress young children in one more layer than an adult would wear.

Use moisturizer to protect from dry skin. It is important to protect your child’s sensitive skin from dry skin by using moisturizer in the winter.

In extreme cold weather restricts your child from outdoor play activities. Choose indoor games to keep the children busy rather than watching TV all day long.

Serve nutritious food which plays an important role in strengthening the immunity in our body. Green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, milk, guavas, tomatoes, melons, papayas etc should be included in diet. Also offer dry fruits as they contained a lot of nutrition and provide instant energy.

Prevent nosebleeds. If your child suffers from winter nosebleeding, use a cold air humidifier in their room. Saline nose drops can help keep their nose moist.

Keep your child hydrated. Keep them hydrated by drinking warm drinks and serve hot soups like, tomato, spinach, vegetables soup etc. for extra appeal.