NUTRITion are important for toddler’s growth and development

Early childhood is a wonderful time for growth and development. It is necessary to attain correct amount of nutrients at early childhood. For mothers and caregivers, it is a pesky task.

Nutrition is very important aspect of early childhood physical and mental growth. Fussy eaters add to the woes. Here are some general and basic rules for developing good nutritional habits among kids:

·        Developing taste for good and healthy food must be begun early.

·        Feed the children using colourful and eye-catching plates, bowls and cutlery.

·        Make the food look good, smell good and interesting.

·        Be innovative and creative in cooking.

·        Avoid kids to eat too much chips, chocolates or snacks etc.

·        Avoid the consumption of too much junk food like Pizza, burger or cold drinks etc.

·        Give them milk, yogurt or other milk products. Milk can be made into interesting by chocolate shakes or almond milk.

·        Sugar consumption must be in less quantity. Use honey or let the natural sweetness of foods.

·        Start early with fruits, or fruit juices.

·        Make a habit in children to eat yellow pulses, green and leafy vegetables, eggs.

·        Invest a little time on your kid’s meals. It helps in their Mental and Physical growth.