Social Media impact on kids

Can you imagine a life without Social media? Of course, answer will be “NO”. Social media has changed our life and the way to interact with each other. But what’s the impact of social media on children? Do you worry your kid spends all their time online? Does it concern you how it might affect them?

In today’s world, social media helps to bring people closer and to make the world more comfortable.

Today, young kids play with electronic devices like smart phones and tablets. Social media is an active part of our life. However, as a parent, you need to know how social media effects on child development. It’s important for you to learn and accept these new technologies so that you can relate to your kid.

Social media has so many positive effects, like;

It helps to connect with extended family and friends. It also helps to learn new things, exchange ideas. It provides an effective platform for enhancing your child’s knowledge. It motivates children to get better at communication.

While Social media also has a dark side as well;

Young minds are moldable, and social media can mold the thinking of your child or behavior. There is no control on the searches. Such situations can cause to children bumping into harmful or graphic websites that may affect their thinking process.

Cyber bullying is another growing trend among social media websites which is very dangerous. Waste of time. We agree that social media is good, but spending too much time can also affect your child negatively and often lead to social media addiction.

As a parent, you need to make sure your child spends quality time on social media and gaining positive result. Keep an eye on what sites your child accesses. Educate them about the pros and cons of social media. Make sure that your child may not be addicted of Social media.


We should use social media as for fun, learning and a happy our young ones.