Children love stories. They enjoy the story time especially at night; they used to listen stories from their grandparents.  Stories create magical atmosphere. Stories teach us about life and its’ experiences. Story could be anything Fictitious or Non-Fictitious. Storytelling should be in a unique way for children to develop their understanding, respect, curiosity and appreciation for other cultures, and promote a positive attitude to people from different lands and religions.

Storytelling is very interactive. As a story progresses, children ask so many questions. Story creates curiosity in them. This is the best learning activity. A child's memory capacity is enhanced when they asked to remember something from a story. We should encourage children to create a small story with the characters they have been told about. This enhances imagination power and encourages the child’s active participation.

Storytelling helps to develop emotions and feelings in a child. It helps to increase verbal proficiency and also encourage the imagination power and creativity.

Between Stories and television, children show more involvement in story rather than watching TV. A storyteller’s should narrate the story in such a way that it should look real when a child is listening to story. He/ She can take the active participation in that story with enthusiasm.

Storytelling is very important for a child’s development. Don’t let your child miss this simple important part of childhood. Enjoy storytelling!