Your Child First Day at School

The first day of school usually brings anxiety to children as well as their parents. Children always feel hesitate to leave their home and enter a new place, where they get all new and unfamiliar faces. Dealing with their cranky behavior and the fear of separation from home are usually few issues that all the parents have to face. Parents normally find it very difficult to deal with first school day of school. So, here are few suggestions to overcome these issues and get ready your child for the first day of school:

1.      Visiting the school, before the starting of the term help the child form a bond with the school. Thus, child and parents both will become familiar with the environment of the school.

2.     Explain your child the importance of school and education. Tell him/her that there he/she can make lots of new friends.

3.     Ask your child what he/she thinks about the school. It helps to know about the feeling of child for the school.

4.     Gift your child few goodies and tell them that these are gifts for joining the school. This will create an excitement towards the school.

5.     Be very compassionate and give them assurance that you will be around. This will make them feel secured and will reduce the feeling of isolation.

6.     Try to make your child meet a classmate before the first day of school, so that they will have a known face when school starts.

7.     Celebrate with your child the first day of his/her school. This will make him/her feel good and realize them that going to school is an achievement for them.