Nursery Admission Helpline (2015-16)          Posted On 08-11-2013

Is your child is physically less active compare to other kids of his age or got tired very soon? Then don’t take this issue lightly as it may create a big problem in future. There can be various reasons for being physically less active like obesity, high fatigue, deficiency of vitamin or protein etc. But if you take care of this problem from very beginning then you can handle it easily. A best way to solve this problem is to enroll him in a pre nursery school in Delhi which can give individual attention and keep eye on each aspect of kid’s growth like Little Planet.
At our preschool we lay emphasize on achieving complete mental and physical fitness of kids. In fact, we have included such games in our daily routine that entertain them and help them to remain fit and active. We have introduced the games which are right for age kids. Even playing equipments are also selected very carefully so that it won’t harm kids. Here they will play games like softball, dodge ball, basketball etc. 

Playing these games will not only help kids remain in shape but also proves to be beneficial for their mental growth.
Now, if we talk about exercise routine of kids we firstly like to tell that at our school exercise period meant to be a fun session. Thus, we make sure that workout sessions entertain and excite kids so that develop a likeness for exercising. Moreover, these workout sessions include very simple exercises like warm up, cool down, stretching muscles etc. These exercises give him more flexibility and promise a great physical growth.
That’s not all; we also have a team of dietician, physiotherapist, counselors and some known education experts to keep a check on the mental and physical growth of the kid. By enrolling your kid into Little Planet, you will gift your kid a better and brighter future. So hurry up and call us today. 

Nursery Admission Helpline (2015-16)

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