Admission Counselling:

Counselling is not a kind of interview where questions will be asked about your academics. Basically, when parents want to decide school for their kids admission, process of choosing the best school started.

The counselling process is planned structured dialogue between a counsellor and a client (parent). It is a cooperation process in which a trained professional helps a parent called the client to identify sources of difficulties or concerns that he or she is experiencing.
Aims and Objectives of Counselling
Counselling aims at helping the clients understand about your school.
Being a good counsellor I should know what parents want in a pre-school for their kids
Quality of teacher
Brand recognition
Activity calander
Communication skill of teacher
Location and transportation
Hygiene standards
School policies
Support staff
Now we know the key parameters while selecting a school so let's learn about influencing factors that can convert enquiry into admission.

Social Tie-ups : This is the one method to connect parents with your school. Choose the topic of social cause.
Focus on your own unique selling points.
Follow social media
Think like parents
Create a twitter page
Contact your local council
Put up posture in community centres
Try to win an award
Encourage word of mouth
Build a nursery website

Essential Tips for Counsellor
1) Be a good listener.
2) Be Analytic : Listen the client patiently and analyse their requirement/main concerns and issues
3) Show genuine interest in others.
4) Be empathetic
5) Be patient
6) knowledge of market
7) Decide your own strategies for counselling.
8) Promote decision making
9) Improve relationships.