Welcome to official blog section of little planet. This section is made to keep people well informed about the things regarding preschools which include preparation of kids for preschool, preschool tips for parents, understanding of admission procedure and much more. As we all know, that today getting admission in a reputed school is a very difficult task as they take interview of kids as well as parents. Therefore, it is important that before the commencement of your child formal education, you prepare him or her for facing this upcoming challenge. And little planet can easily prepare your kids for this purpose. With our grooming, he will be able to present himself in a perfect manner. Also, we provide expert parenting tips which will help you to handle kid’s issues in better way. Our parenting tips include information about hygiene maintenance, making a proper diet chart, encouraging kids to take part in various kinds of extracurricular activities. Here, at little planet we treat kids as part of our family. Hence, we work with parents as team for proper growth of kids. We have interaction with parents on regular basis

The main topic of discussion these meetings are behavior pattern of kids, their eating habits, mental and physical growth, new things which they have learned etc. Our preschool follows international teaching standards which will help kids throughout their life. From time to time, we introduced different types of preschool learning games for kid’s which contribute in their personality development. Apart tips for preschools, we also provide information about various other things. It includes information about admission application, helpline numbers, schools franchise, opening preschools, exams dates and results of exams like CBSE, UPSC, CA, IIT, SNAP, TSSSNET, MICAT, ICSI, MPSC, ISE or many others. But, our first and foremost priority is to help parents who want their kid to study in best Pre Nursery School in Delhi. So, if you any queries regarding preschool or need any exam related information, then do contact us. The Preschool stands by its conviction by imparting the heritage of ancient wisdom synchronized with latest technology meeting the early education of international standards. The satisfaction which parents and staff derive after molding the kids’ behavior into a positive one is inexpressible and overwhelming. It stands as a testimony to our vision resting on the positive trust of all