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Education was, is, and will remain very important aspect of the life. It is said that with an educated son in a family, one member of the family is educated but with an educated daughter in a family, the whole family gets educated. Just a matter of thought! Being educated is an added dimension to being literate. Welcome to the blog of Education News Delhi, India. This blog is specially designed for Education Updates Delhi, India. In this fast running, tech friendly, quick changing and crowded world of education, staying aware is very important. Whether you are a student, trainee, amateur, intern, adult, parent, businessman, job oriented or whatever, it is very important need of the day to stay abreast with Education News Delhi, India. During last few decades, education, its vision and the whole concept has undergone many changes. Today we criticize authoritarian class rooms where mechanical education used to take place. Education in Delhi has been revised, the pattern has been redesigned and the curriculum reformulated. The latest education system is tech friendly and that’s why it has become easy to stay updated with Education Updates Delhi, India. This blog unravels the child centered, holistic, integrated approach towards learning where a teacher is not just a teacher or a strict authoritarian but a friend, philosopher and guide to the child. The CBSE – Central Board of secondary Education has completely changed the evaluation system and named it CCE – Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation that considers the formative and summative assessment patterns but it is rather sad that even after a few years of inception of this evaluation system, many parents are ignorant about the concept. In pursuit of making you as parents and students and even teachers well versed with the Education News Delhi, India, this blog strives to provide each bit of information that is relevant to the field of education. Be it the grading system, education policies, changes in textbooks, introduction of new textbooks or supplementary books, changes in criteria for university admission, internship, various tests by recognised educational bodies, Olympiads, availability of online resource material, introduction of new courses, vocational education or something else, you can get the related information of the Education News Delhi, India through this blog. This blog is also dedicated to highlight exam schedule, patterns, important dates, students’ achievements in education, outstanding courses, new courses, upcoming courses, etc. in context of education.