Daily Activity

Little Planet Preschool daily games and activities play a major role in the all round development of children. Be it development of sensory motor skills or cognitive development or adjustment is peer group, preschool daily games and activities triggers of the learning process in a constructive way.

Besides occasional celebration of festivals, days and other jubilations preschool daily games and activities include the following

Story telling
Rhymes recitation
Recreational activities
Use of Audio-Visual aids in various learning activities
Celebration of various festivals
Celebration of days like colour day, grandparents’ day, vegetable day etc.
School functions like Sports Day, Annual Day etc.
Make-believe play
Clay modeling
Drawing and colouring
Thumb painting
Painting using various objects like ear buds, lady finger pieces, thread etc.
Paper folding
Scribbling boards
Enjoying at swings
Role play activities
Building blocks
Collage making
Decoration of art pieces
Puppet shows
Magic shows