Our Support

Be it learning to walk for a child, or stepping into a new business for an adult, support plays a vital role to reach up to the result. Choosing to be a Preschool Franchisee is one of the best business options primarily because the Franchisor would provide Preschool Franchise Support. One who possesses good business sense can smell the benefits of being a Preschool Franchisee and seek play school franchise assistance from the Franchisor. Preschool Franchise Support is not unconventional but the quality and aspects covered under the concept may be. Play School Franchise Assistance gives you a hope that success is not far and it actually isn’t.

Little Planet Preschool does not give you an opportunity to ask for such support as it believes in collaborative work and without being asked provides the best preschool franchise support to the Franchisee.

Following aspects are covered by Little Planet with reference to Play School Franchise Assistance in addition to formalities of documents, terms and agreement:

Selecting location
On-site Support to build a structure
Designing of the Franchise Preschool – Interiors as well as Exteriors
Staff recruitment
Instructional cum training programmes for the teachers
Promotion of the Preschool
Curriculum and programme material
We are glad to welcome you to Little Planet family!
Arranging infrastructure – Books, desks, to attractive toys, audio-visual aids, swings and other necessities