Innovative Teaching:

Innovative Teaching is a necessity for all teachers in order to meet requirement of our students.
I) Teach concepts not facts.
II) Embrace creativity as part of learning. Use emotional connections.
III) Create suspense and surprise
IV) Know your students well.
V) Create a safe and better learning environment for your students.
VI) Adopt your profession as passion.
VII) Follow professional ethics of teachers
Relation with Heads
Relation with Students
Relation with Parents
VIII) Effective Teaching
Strive to motivate and engage all of their students in learning rather than simply accepting that some students cannot be engaged and are able to do partly.
IX) Make teaching strategy personal means according to your own convenience.
X) Prepare a day plan in advance(Activities as well as teaching points.
XI) Reward Discovery : Simple clap is sufficient as reward.
XII) Make Lessons Interactive
XIII) Don't repeat class material
XIV) Make economical and concept related teaching aids.