Preschool franchise is one of the most fruitful businesses. Education industry is one of the fastest growing industries and investing in it can be a successful idea. It is a type business which prevents you from bearing risks. It helps you to establish your brand in lesser time. Preschool franchise is a profitable business providing you assure success in less investment.


Preschool franchise is not mere a business which provides you money rather it provides you satisfaction and happiness as you contribute in the development of the country by training the little toddlers. It builds your reputation in the society. There are many preschool chains in India running successfully for number of years which are preparing the little toddlers for their future.


Little planet play school is one of the most successful day care schools in Delhi. Once you admit your child here you can be carefree. We make all possible efforts to train your child and build its personality. We design our course content along with some daily activities which does not build pressure on the child. We provide a healthy, loving and pampering environment to the kids.


“LPPS” focuses on the overall development of the kids. We also train them in swimming, dancing etc other than studies. We provide all these facilities at affordable prices. We have best teachers who take full care of the kids. They are expertise in their field. Seeing the competition of the world we train kids in such a way that they can tackle all situations.


Also as a parent company we provide full support to the investors. We provide franchise at affordable rates with full assurance of success. Once you get connected with us you can be relaxed and see the best use your money with good profit.