Time is the most precious thing in life. Value the time as it never comes back again. However old you grow, the best part of life always remains the childhood. As it has lot of memories of mischief, fight over games and toys, crying for stupid reasons, troubling mom and lot more. There are always uncountable moments one has in childhood life. Thus it is the tenderest age where a child needs pure attention and care. The lessons of childhood remain for life long.


But now days due to busy schedule and shortage of time, parents fail to give enough attention to their kids. This has created the demand of good pre nursery school in India which treats children with love and affection to develop their mental and physical strength while playing and learning. Good playschools look after your child in a best possible way giving an environment where kids learn and play freely with other children. Our playschool “LITTLE PLANET PRESCHOOL” is among one of the best nursery schools that is coming up as a well known brand.  We not just teach your children but make every effort that they grow in a surrounding where they get papered, care and love.  Instead of loading tiny kids with lot of syllabus, we believe that games, activities along with studies can better help children in making learning fun.


We have been continuously expanding our reach throughout India.  Already established ourselves in Delhi and nearby cities, we look forward to soon reach many other parts. Thus we also give franchise to those who want to start their own business and want to be a part of LPPS. You can also avail this best business opportunity with us. We as a parent company offer our franchise at affordable price and also give our consistent support to your franchisee school to make sure that it goes successful in long run. We ensure that you receive good returns from your investment and you can make a great business out of it. And what could be more satisfying than serving kids? So hurry and join hands with us to be our business partner and change your life.