Our Passion Their Future:

Young Mathematician
Learning of mathematics is a joy – not a pressure. It emerges from children's play and their natural ability to think. LPPS focuses on introducing early mathematics education at the height of children's readiness to learn.

Young Readers
Reading is one of the most fundamental skills children need to be successful. At LPPS, reading habit among kids is encouraged by giving a variety of books like interactive books, story books, fiction and drama books.

Young Writers
Ability to write well is important for a child to get success in life. At LPPS, creative writing skills of children can be improved by supporting Their creativity, playing word games and sparking their imagination with clever writing act.

Fluent English Speakers
Language is our primary source of communication. English is the common language which is known to most of the people in the world. At LPPS, kids are given excellent environment to communicate in English so as to improve their communication skills.