Personality Development of Teacher:

The personality of a teacher itself does not play crucial role on students in enhancing their growth and development but it builds confidence among the parents. Teachers act as a brand ambassador of particular school.
What personality traits make a good teacher?
Expert communication skills
Superior listening skills
Deep knowledge and passion for their subject matter
Clear vision or goal of life
Less excuses more achievers
Excellent preparation and organisation skills.
Strong work ethics.
Community building skills.
How to Achieve Personality Development?
Try to be Optimistic
Every problem has solution
Face all problems with positive attitude.
Never put problem under the carpet Face it
Discuss it Divide it in small parts then find the solution.
2. Learn important social skills.
Human being is a social animal. They learn from each other. Never avoid socializing.
Being a working person it is very difficult to maintain social circle. Time management helps to balance between work and socializing.
3. Multitasking
4. Teamwork Together everyone achieves more.
5. Stay cool and calm.
6. Don't try to be somebody you're not
7. Establish your value system and stick to it.
8. Set self examples
9. Embrace a healthy lifestyle
10. Choose to be happy
11. Keep smile everytime in harder time also.
Last but not the least Be confident about your personality.