Blogs not only offer a platform to you to read but also to share. In India, we strive to inculcate in children the feeling of brotherhood, patriotism, respect towards elders, honesty and other core values. This process of enriching our children with rich cultural heritage initiates at the Preschool stage. As the child progresses to nursery, he/ she gets a vague idea of what celebrations are all about particularly birthdays and other major festivals. In kindergarten, child is able to explore other aspects of our nation and religious festivals. So precisely, small as well as big playschools celebration India triggers off the progression of child’s acquaintance with celebration of important days and learning associated with the same. Through Playschools celebration India, tiny tots begin to associate traditions, customs and way of celebrations with each festival. As they learn to associate colours and water with Holi right in the beginning at their Kindergarten. They associate kites and national flag with the celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day in their preschool. They associate cards and greetings with certain festivals and occasions through various Playschools Celebration India like Diwali, Christmas, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, and New Year etc. The celebrations of days like Colour Day, Vegetable Day, Fruits Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day etc. right from nursery boosts the very concept of jubilation among children. They learn to socialize, mix up with their peer group, enjoy and stay happy. This blog will reveal to you all the celebrations along with the rationale for the same. How celebrating little moments of joy at preschool infuse various moral and core values in the little angels cannot be described but really experienced. Laying the very foundation of the Indian cultural heritage the playschools celebration India strive to entrench the roots of the children in hues of India as well as helping them to adapt to the modern technology and the very concept of modernization. Once the correct bricks are laid at preschool, the building erected on that sound base turns out to be strong. This blog will enrich your knowledge and provide you a vast idea about how the celebrations at kindergarten help in the child’s all round development. Be it arts, dance, singing, dramatization, make believe play or any other activity all can be well woven into the fabric of festivities so that the children find the concepts and ideas familiar and learn to follow them at quite an early age.

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