Kids Activities

This blog is devoted to kid's activities that primarily refer to the activities a tiny tot indulges in his/ her play school. A preschool is a child's second home where he/ she learns to interact, to express, to be sensitive to others, to relate, to explore, to share and to experience. Since at such tender age it is not possible for a child to understand and absorb the verbal matter explained, he/ she best learns by learning by doing approach and experiencing things himself or herself; why only kids even adults understand things better through experiences. A play school is that platform where a child comes out of his familial comfort zone and enters another phase. Through the medium of a preschool, a child learns that there is something more than the immediate family, an extended family, where he learns to interact with peer groups, finds a surrogate mother in his/ her teacher and an environment to learn joyfully. Nursery School kids activities India prove as a tool to equip children with very simple and basic concepts and inculcate in them the readiness and enthusiasm to learn more and more. This blog on various Nursery school kids activities India include a few of the following and many other innovative activities:

reschool activities to develop sensory motor skills.

Play school activities to help the child to get involved with the peer group and feel comfortable and happy in that company.

Preschool activities to help the cognitive development of the child.

Story narration to help the child concentrate, get engaged and unconsciously learn a lesson

Nursery school kids activities India also include clay modeling, thumb printing, vegetable painting, hand printing, etc.

Preschool activities to help the children classify various objects like eatables, solids and liquids, various colours, classification on the basis of shape and size of objects etc.

Play school activities to impart toilet training, to inculcate health and hygiene habits, to infuse in them eating manners, to make them enjoy with the poetry recitation and to assist them to learn the proper way to utter sentences.