Blog on festivals – truly Indian! Wondering what this blog is all about. This blog is about festivals, their importance, their celebration at home, preschool, formal school, the associated customs and the rationale behind celebrating the same. Kindergarten School Festival India celebrates Children’s birthdays too along with other festivals, with great pomp because it is no less than a festival to the child. At preschool the child celebrates festivals not just because it offers much enjoyment and thrill but also because it has much more to tell about the country, its history and culture. Festival celebrations at preschool help the children to understand the importance of bonding together, sharing joys and celebrating happiness with togetherness. Kindergarten School Festival India includes celebration of various festivals, in detail this blog on festivals will accentuate the relevance of the same and the brief up of some are listed below:

National Festivals – Whether it is a preschool or office or any institute, everyone cherishes national festivals like Republic Day and Independence Day not just because it is a national holiday but also because it brings communal harmony, reignites the spirit of patriotism and rekindle the feelings of brotherhood among Indians of various castes and creeds.

Religious Festivals – Throughout the year religious festivals are celebrated at preschool, family, formal school etc. at different times on a scheduled date like Muslims’ Eid-ul-fitr, Eid Milad-un-nabi; Hindus’ Diwali, Janamashtmi, Raksha Bandhan; Sikhs’Gurupurabs, Vaisakhi; Christians’ Christmas, Good Friday etc.

Seasonal festivals – It includes celebrations at Kindergarten School Festival India like various days – Vegetable Day, Rainy Day, Fruit Day etc. It also takes into account celebrations of days in formal schools like Sports Day, Annual Day, Mela festivals etc. and celebrations in Colleges like Fests, Winter festival, Founder’s Day, Literary Fest, etc.

Other festivals – Film festival, Dance festival, Flowers Festival, Food Festival, Book Festival, Folk Festival etc. This blog vastly discusses the relevance of various festivals and the ways in which they are celebrated. In particular Kindergarten School Festival India depicts that the festivals and their celebrations create a niche to bring little kids from various backgrounds in harmony. Festivals enable children as well as elders to celebrate the joy of being together and their happiness with family and friends. This further promotes the development of our cultural heritage and stimulates the feelings of oneness, cooperation, and preservation of our old traditions and customs. Read this blog to dip yourself in hues of various Indian festivals.