Guidance for Special Children:

Individual counselling tailors therapy specifically to each family member based on the child's disabilities, as we understand their individual needs. During the sessions, several methods of counselling could be used. Often the counsellor encourages techniques of reflecting, self-disclosing role modelling and problem solving.

Some Steps for Special Children
1) Diagnose the special children With the help of different activities Parents associations Visit children home Through admission form
2) Understand children's actual problem
3) Use multi-sensory strategies
4) Give special attention to children with special needs
5) More Interaction with children
6) Be positive
7) Make your classroom more inclusive.
Inclusive education is largely based on attitude towards educating students with special needs. Essentially, it does not differentiate between students who are not. It is about educating all students, alongside same age peers and peers with varying abilities in a general classroom.